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Keep Your Food Safe With Katelin's Expert Fridge Cleaning in Manchester

Arranging fridge cleaning in Manchester can be simple. If you want to make absolutely sure that your fridge isn't going to be a breeding ground for any sort of harmful bacteria, call in the professionals is the best way to do it...

The team who'll arrive on your doorstep will be armed with the latest tools and equipment - just what they need to clean and sanitise any make or model of appliance, in any home or workplace kitchen.

Contact your local experts on 020 3404 2437 and request a quote on the service you need. We'll be happy to arrange a service for you whenever it's most convenient, or to answer any questions that you might have about how we'll get the job done. Call now - Katelin's Team are here to help 24/7!

What Your Fridge Cleaners in Manchester Give You

  • Powerful cleansing suitable for any make of appliance, and any size of freezer
  • Use of the best tools currently available, leaving your cooler completely refreshed and sanitised
  • Services that are fully insured, so you can relax once your fridge cleaners in Manchester get to work!
  • 24/7 customer care provided no matter what you need us for! Call to book or reschedule at any time
  • Booking slots available at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday
  • Money off your order when you combine it with the complete kitchen cleaning or specialist tile cleaning you also need

Your Fridge Cleaning Services - What's Involved?

Your fridge cleaning services will follow a simple but proven method in order to get the best results:

  1. Assessment of the current condition of your appliance
  2. Careful disassembly
  3. Cleansing of each individual part
  4. Reassembly and finishing touches
  5. Your chance to give your freezer a look-over to confirm that you're completely happy

This service is ideal for any make or model of appliance, so no matter whether your fridge is in your kitchen at home or in your business premises, we'll be able to provide a fast and efficient clean.

Professional Cleansing For Any Appliance

Because Katelin's Team knows that you're bound to have a different appliance from your neighbour, we only ever send you a professional to complete your service - someone who has the skills and experience to carefully treat whatever make or model of fridge or freezer that they're presented with.

Throughout your appointment, remember - you're covered by full insurance.